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What you need to consider when buying restaurant equipment and supplies

Whether you are opening your first restaurant, or you’re looking to upgrade your current business, having sufficient, quality kitchen equipment and supplies is essential for your business to thrive.

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Common Food Hygiene Issues

Running a hospitality or catering business can be a very rewarding and lucrative career path. It’s the kind of work that is always exciting and which you can be creative in. However, like with any business, catering is built upon a small number of important principles. One of the most important of which is food hygiene.


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A Tasty Valentine’s Day: we pair together EMCAT equipment & romantic recipes…

With less than a fortnight until the most romantic day of the year, we have paired together some romantic treats and the equipment that will make them a success.

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Why warewashing equipment is never a waste…

Purchasing the right warewashing equipment for your catering business is imperative to an efficient, hygienic kitchen. What are the advantages of good quality equipment and why should you invest in it?

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Christmas Dinner Icon

10 quick tips for the perfect Christmas dinner

With the days until Christmas rapidly running out, many of us are getting prepared for the festive feast on Christmas Day. From planning to completion, here are our 10 top tips to getting you through the most intense meal preparation of the year.

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Merch Thumbnail

Merchandise your coffee shop this winter

If you own a coffee shop then you might be looking forward to the Christmas holidays when people can take time off to catch up with friends over a drink in their local café. With the right display equipment you can present your food in a way that customers cannot resist.

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Falcon Halloween

Falcon Catering Equipment to get you through Halloween

Halloween is an incredibly thrilling time of the year and there are lots of wonderfully creative recipes that you can make. Have a look at our favourite recipes and the catering equipment that will provide the ultimate taste.

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Keeping a restaurant busy over the most difficult catering season

According to Business Week, September is the start of a difficult period for the catering industry year. So what can you do to prevent your business from slowing down between September and December?

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Lobster menu

The key to a successful restaurant – an innovative menu

Here, EMCAT explores some innovative tips to improve one aspect, the success of your menu, which should be inspirational enough to encourage your patrons to return and recommend your restaurant to their associates.

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Daiquiri cocktail recipe

Classic summer cocktails for your bar

In the heat of the summer you will find that many of your customers will want something more than the average mixer drink. Although many people love to drink cocktails, it is highly likely that many of them won’t make them at home – so will be looking to pubs, bars and restaurants.

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Chicken tikka masala

Best British Dishes Introduction

There are some British dishes that no true Brit can resist. Find out what they are and tell us on Twitter if you agree with us:
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A Brand Guide to Kitchen Equipment

A quick overview of some of the brands of kitchen equipment that you will find at EMCAT to help you to decide which brands are best suited to your business.

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