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Product Specification:

Rational Combination Oven SCC61 Electric 6 Grid. The best ever RATIONAL Combi-Steamer! Rational’s new range of Self Cooking Center® Whitefficiency® Combination Ovens guarantees top quality food every time whilst minimising the consumption of all resources used whether it be time, energy, water, space or raw materials. All SCC® Whitefficiency® Ovens include: • HI DENSITY CONTROL ® - underlies the efficiency of the Self Cooking Center® Whitefficiency® by providing a uniform and intensive distribution of heat, air and humidity within the cooking cabinet. Delivers the highest food quality in either small batches or large quantities. • SELF COOKING CONTROL ® - independently recognises product specific requirements, the type and size of the food and the quantity loaded. Cooking time, temperature and the ideal cooking cabinet climate are individually calculated and continuously adjusted. Food is cooked exactly the way you want it and the cooking process checked and regulated 3,600 times per hour. • EFFICIENT LEVEL CONTROL ® - sets the standard where there is a need for effective mixed loads, flexibility and speed of response. You can use each rack individually for production and increase flexibility through the use of mixed loads, saving both time and energy. • CARE CONTROL ® - monitors usage of the oven and automatically detects the current level of soiling and general care status. The user is prompted to run the CleanJet®+ care system when - and only when - cleaning is required, minimising the use of water, chemicals and power. What’s more, special scale dissolving ingredients contained in the unique Care tablets inhibit limescale build-up, guaranteeing maximum operational reliability and eliminating the need for costly water filters and softeners . SCC Whitefficiency® 6 grid ovens • 7 cooking modes: - meat, poultry, fish, side dishes/vegetables, egg dishes/desserts, bakery products and automatic finishing • 3 combi-steam modes: - moist heat, dry heat and combined moist/dry heat • 30-80 meals • 6 x 1/1 GN shelf capacity • Supplied with 3 x 1/1 GN stainless steel shelves • Programmable memory • 1?2 energy mode (electric model only) • Temperature range 30ºC to 300ºC • Core temperature probe with 6 point measurement • Integral hand shower with retracting hose • All Combimaster/SCC models require 3?4” water supply, 50mm tundish drainage connection and water pressure of 150-600 HPA or 0.15-0.6 MPA. Gas models may require a gas interlock system to be fitted at the time of installation. Accessories Cleaner Tablets OE1392, Rinse Aid Tablets for Models with Care control OE1399, Open stand OE1195, Gastronorm Stand OE1196

  • Specifications:
  • Number Of Years Parts & Labour Warranty: 2
  • Brand: Rational
  • Range: Self Cooking Centre
  • Whitefficiency
  • Material: Not Specified
  • Power Type: Electric

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Rational SCC61E 6 GRID 1/1 GN Combination Steamer