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The Hoshizaki KM75A is large-capacity crescent ice maker which produces up to 75kg of ice in a single day. Itís the ideal choice for busy restaurants and shops that require large volumes of perfectly-formed ice for use in beverages, displays or transportation.

The crescent shape ice cubes are formed through a displacement method utilising cycles of fresh water entering into a double-sided vertical evaporator. This means that you tightly-formed ice cubes that are compressed and crystal clear for longer-lasting ice that is ideal for use in beverage, display and transportation. The unique crescent shape slides easily into liquids without creating a splash, and creates attractive displays for beverages or food.

The KM75A ice maker features an easy-to-remove air filter which gives you the opportunity to clean your machineís air filter yourself thereby minimising the need for on-site technicians, and increasing the life expectancy of your unit. It is also controlled by an on-board microcomputer which monitors the temperature fluctuations around the machine and automatically makes adjustments so you can continue work without worrying about manual adjustments in a varying environment.

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Hoshizaki KM-75A 75KG/24HR Ice Maker