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Product Specification:

The Hoshizaki KM50A crescent ice maker is a self-contained unit that promotes efficient ice production with reduced water and energy consumption. It delivers up to 52kg of perfectly-formed clear ice crescent blocks per day, with an impressive storage bin capacity of 23kg.

Crescent ice is formed through a clever displacement method utilising fresh water cycles to create tightly packed cubes is ideal for the food and beverage industry where aesthetic design and functionality take top priority. The crescent shape slips easily into a full glass creating a splash-free serving, and it is also widely used in transportation to keep fresh fish cool or to create an attractive display for drinks bottles and other items.

The Hoshizaki KM50A ice maker features a unique double-sided vertical evaporator which produces more ice out of a single cycle. This reduces the number of cycles required thus lowering the water and energy consumption. It also features a removable air filter which makes it easier to clean so that you can easily maintain and ensure the longevity of your ice maker. The KM50A also runs a microcomputer which controls and adjusts the output based on temperature fluctuations to eliminate the need for manual adjustments.


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Hoshizaki KM-50A 50KG/24HR Ice Maker